Lottie & Rose

Marieke meets Lottie & Rose

Marieke walks through the woods with her dog. Rose is right behind her on her bike. Lottie sits on the back and recognizes Marieke.

Lottie: Hey! I know you! She jumps off the bike. Rose looks back: You are Marieke Smithuis!

Marieke laughs: And you are Lottie and Rose. How nice to see you in real life! You look exactly like I thought you would.

Rose puts her bicycle against the tree and hugs Marieke's dog. "How sweet is he! I had no idea you had a dog too.”

Marieke: I even have a daughter called Rose!

Marieke: Well, it's not that coincidental, you know. I think Rose is a beautiful name. And… your family is a bit like ours, except my husband and I have two sons and a daughter. That's different. And our daughter is called Rose, but she is not your sister, Lottie.

Lottie looks surprised: That's a coincidence.

Marieke: Exactly. But your grandfather, for example, looks suspiciously like our grandfather. My father says exactly the same things as he does, and Bully behaves like my dog. That's how it is when you write: you use something from your own life and then you add all sorts of things to it.

Lottie: no, of course not, that is not possible at all, because that is already my sister Rose!

Marieke: Maybe I'll also write something for adults, but not for now, because children make me much happier. They are also quite funny. If you don't want to eat your meat, Lottie, what do you say?

Rose nods. Then she asks: Why do you actually write for children and not for adults when you are an adult yourself?

Lottie, grinning: That I'm a vegetarian! Haha!

Lottie: Our mom and dad never argue. Well, yes, very occasionally.

Rose: Yeah, Dad just can't get mad. Really never! Not even when Lottie is annoying. But mom is sweet too.

Marieke: She sure is sweet! She just always wants to be honest and clear, she thinks that's important, but that makes her a bit strict sometimes. It's pretty hard to raise kids! How do you know when you're doing it right? Your books are also a bit about that. In Lottie and Rose, the children are actually wiser than all adults put together.

Marieke: It's easy to write something nice about children, because they are nice. But children are also wise. For example, I think you can solve your quarrels yourself. Grown-ups are not always so good at that.

Marieke laughs: I said sometimes! Not always huh? Your parents seem very sensible and kind too. Besides, you have a super nice grandpa. You lucky ones!

Marieke: Uuuh, green? No, wait a minute: orange! I just changed color.

Rose: How are we and Lasse and Joppe getting on? Will we remain friends with them?

Rose: Do you mean us? That we are wiser?

Marieke: Of course you will remain friends. You are friends forever!

Lottie: What's your favorite color? Mine is red!

Marieke laughs. I don't know, Lottie, because I don't know everything about you, but I do know that you will be fine.

Rose nods. I already had that feeling.

Marieke's dog gets impatient and pulls on the leash. Marieke: I'm going to continue, because I have to go home to my own family. Do you do greetings at home? And also to grandpa?

Marieke watches them until they are no more than two dots on the horizon. that you will be fine.

Lottie: And will I get a Playstation?

That's what Lottie and Rose promise and then they get back on their bikes.