Boele & Moes

Boele and Moes interview Marieke

Moes, Boele and Marieke are sitting at the kitchen table at Boele's house. Boele's grandfather is smoking a cigar on the balcony and Boele's mother is shopping. Moes takes an empty toilet roll out of his bag to use as a microphone. Boele takes a notebook and a pen, because they have agreed that Boele will write everything down and that Moes will ask the questions.

Moes: Why did you actually want to make a book about us? Did you like us a lot?

Marieke nods. Very nice! And funny! I've wanted to write a book about two boys who are great friends for a while and I lived in a flat myself when I was about your age. That flat was my whole world. My best friend's name was Brian and he lived next door to us. That was so nice.

Moes: Was there also a Mrs. Poops a Lot in your flat?

Marieke: No, but I think every child knows someone like that: an angry neighbor. My little brother and I had a stupid aunt who we found very annoying. We called her: the annoying one. And my kids were afraid of a man with a beard who sometimes ran around our neighborhood screaming.

Marieke: I love angry neighbors! They make everything exciting. I often write about things that really happened and the children in my books always look a bit like my own children.

Moes: Like the neighbor in our book who started chasing us.

Marieke: Yes, just like you boys.

Moses: Like us?

Marieke: What difference does that make?

Moes: But I'm Moroccan and you're not.

Moes: Well, I'm very special. There's only one person like me!

Moes, satisfied: There is also one Boele, but he is much more common. We can't all be as special as I am.

Boele: I'm just normal and you have a big mouth!'

Moes, laughing: And with that big mouth... I'm going to eat you! He throws away the toilet roll and dives on Boele. The boys scream and roll on the floor.

Marieke gets up and goes to smoke a cigar with grandpa on the balcony. She already knows exactly how this will end. She will soon have to write her own interview, because Boele and Moes have better things to do.

Marieke: Mmm, yes of course that is true.